Tuesday, August 18th, both the parish and city councils will vote on FINAL ADOPTION OF CO-069-2020 and PO-035-2020. The agreement will establish an early voting site at the Martin Luther King Center off of W. Willow St. in Lafayette. This is a compromise proposal negotiated by City Councilman Lewis to ensure a fully accessible early voting site for Lafayette Parish. If this passes both councils, Lafayette Parish will have 3 early voting locations available in October for early voting!

The League has long advocated for a fully accessible, adequate early voting site for all of Lafayette Parish. See here for background of LWV-Lafayette efforts to push for a large, centrally located early voting site other than the 1010 Lafayette St. Registrar of Voters’ Office. 

Call and write your councilman! (map of council districts)

Urge them to vote YES on this item! Tell them you support parish and city efforts to expand access to voting for people with disabilities, people with limited transportation, people who don’t have flexible schedules and people who need adequate, safe spaces to cast early votes. The COVID-19 pandemic demands that we be extra diligent with early voting access. It is our local government’s responsibility to ensure that elections are safe and fair and fully accessible for ALL of Lafayette Parish.

Council Contact Information

Parish Council

District 1: Bryan Tabor, ph. 291.8801, email:

District 2: Kevin Naquin, ph. 291.8802, email:

District 3: Josh Carlson, ph. 291.8803, email:

District 4: John Guilbeau, ph. 291.8804, email:

District 5: AB Rubin, ph. 291.8805, email:

City Council

District 1: Pat Lewis, ph. 291.5101, email:

District 2: Andy Naquin, ph. 291-5102, email:
District 3: Liz Hebert, ph. 291-5103, email:
District 4: Nanette Cook, ph. 291-5104, email:
District 5: Glen Lazard, ph. 291-5105, email:


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