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Welcome to the Lafayette League's Website

Welcome to the Lafayette League! We are actively recruiting members and hope you will join the League and participate in its community activities.


Local Elections

Charter Ammendments

The League has prepared a summary of arguments, both pro and con, for the two charter ammendments on the ballot.

School Property Tax Renewal

The 10-year renewal of an existing property tax by Lafayette Parish School Board is also on Saturday’s ballot. It represents 7.27 mills & it currently provides $14.2 million to the public school system’s budget in support of school operations.

Lafayette League Candidate Forums

The Lafayette League has hosted a series of public forums in partnership with the University of Lousiana at Lafayette and AOC community media. The forums, organized by office, are produced as a service of the League's Voter Services Committee and are designed to inform the local voter on important issue and the candidate's position on them.

The five programs—the City-Parish President, Sheriff, Council District 6, Council Distict 7 & 8, and CouncilDistrict 2 & 3—are available at the Candidate Forums_League of Women Voters 2015 playlist at YouTube.

Know your Candidate Initiative

the LWV of Lafayette and AOC Community Media have teamed to create a video resource for the upcoming election cycle. All candidates running for public office were offered free production of a short informative video as a way offering the public direct access to the candidates voices.

District 5—Monique Koll
District 6—Sevie Zeller, Bruce Conque
District 7—Joesph "Bobby" Richard
District 8 —Liz Webb-Hebert, Carol Ross

Sheriff—Rick Chargois, John Rogers

State Representative—Jean Paul Coussan

The complete playlist with late arrivals is available on a unified page for the interested voter

The Lafayette League is proud of its history of informing the local voter on the candidates and issues of the day. The Leagues catalog of past forums provides access to the history of positions taken by candidats for public office and the community's positions on important issues.

State-Wide Elections
The Louisiana League has developed a page of information and prints responses to questions asked of candiates for state-wide office.

Saturday, November 21 is the General Election, with precincts (polls) open 7:00 AM-8:00 PM

About our League:
"That's the League of League of Women Voters" The Lafayette League's video describing the League's principles and local projects.

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Powering Lafayette's Electrical Future

A new blog developed by members of the collaboration between the Acadiana group of the Sierra Club and the Lafayette League of Women Voters has gone live. The collaboration publishes short articles on locally-relevant public information broadly related to local electrical power generation planning, governance, management, usage, costs, and potential savings.

Check out our League's Facebook page!

The latest info and chatter about matters of local, state, and national matters are found in the Lafayette league's facebook pages. Like the page and be kept up to date!

Know Your Local Government Booklet and Webguide

Newly updated for 2015!! The League released the products of its two-year study of local governments. Both a booklet and webguide were produced. The booklet summarizes the core concepts and basic structures of our local governments in a convenient format. The webguide extends that with an in-depth look at many of our local units of government.

Understand your current local government as the community prepares to change its basic charter. "You have to know where you are before you can know where you're going!"

The League Guide to Elected Officials

The League has published the Guide to the Elected Officials for Lafayette Parish Voters, the only comprehensive source of its kind. It includes all the Louisiana officials who are elected, in whole or part, by the citizens of the parish. The Guide is presented in both html (for online reading) and pdf (for printing) formats.

Current Activities:

The League's study focusing on the potential of the Lafayette fiber project continues. League participation in the Communty Coalition for Lafayette Public Schools, which followed the League's previous study project "Everybody's Schools," remains a priority.

The League study projects are at the heart of the local League. Our studies take the point of view of the community; they are not associated with any special interest beyond local citizenship. The League members' engagement in a thorough and dispassionate exploration of local issues that seldom get such concentrated attention is one of the unique contributions of the League to its community.

The League's "Everybody's Schools"
The League School Facility Study, "Everybody's Schools," remains an active topic in Lafayette's civic and political conversation. The League continues its participation in advisory councils and makes presentations about the study in community forums. You can schedule a League speaker by email.

Of Interest: The Community Coalition for Lafayette Schools has produced its report following up the school facility issues initially addressed by the League's "Everybody's Schools." That valuable report, "State of our Schools," is availble online.

As always, public participation is encouraged and potential members welcome!