Election Night Around the Country 2020: Non-Partisan Election Reforms

Credit: Jason Maloy – LWV of Lafayette 

Election Reforms

There are several things to watch on election night around the country which are related to non-partisan election reforms like Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) and “jungle” (a.k.a. “common ballot” in Louisiana) primaries.

Maine Senate Race

This is using RCV for the first time and could be decided on voters’ 2nd and 3rd preferences after multiple stages of counting.

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Florida Referendum on Jungle Primary

This could, if passed, give that state a similar primary/general set-up to Louisiana’s: all parties are on the primary ballot, including multiple Democrats, Republicans, and independents.

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Alaska 'Top Four' Referendum

This could, if passed, give that state a novel jungle/RCV combination: LA-style all-party primary with the top four candidates advancing, followed by a general election with voters ranking the top four.


St. Louis, MO Referendum on Approval Voting

This could, if passed, have city-wide races decided by who wins the most votes when voters can indicate “approval” (equal to one vote) for more than one candidate per office.