The League is wholeheartedly political and influences policy through advocacy and education. Though we mobilize people to create civic change, the League is strictly nonpartisan and neither supports nor opposes candidates for office. The League takes action on an issue when we have a position that supports the issue or speaks to the cause. These positions exist at the local, state, and national levels of the League, and are always the result of thorough study and membership consensus.

One of the League's most important functions is voter services, which includes registering voters, sponsoring live, televised, and YouTube-available candidate forums, publishing candidate questionnaires, disseminating nonpartisan voter information, and increasing voter turnout.

The LWV-Lafayette maintains voter information stations in public places, and has completed three local government studies with an accompanying video on Lafayette Parish public school facilities. We have also participated in studies initiated at the state and national levels.

The League may choose to take action at any time as policy issues arise in the community.

LWV-Lafayette also partners with other organizations and participates in community coalitions to provide education and advocacy for issues consistent with League policies and positions.

updated 6/14/2019
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