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Guide To Elected Officials

The League publishes a comprehensive "Guide to Officials Elected By Lafayette Parish Voters" which is periodically updated. It is the only place where all the elected officials and the means to contact them are listed in one accessible publication.

The Guide covers the officials for which Lafayette citizens vote—from the federal Congress, to state legislature and judges to local mayors, councils, and justices of the peace.

The document is made available in three formats for your convenience: as an MS Word document (recommended for offline browsing), as a PDF document (recommended for printing hard copies), and an html version which will be made available soon (recommended for online browsing). The table of contents in the MS Word document, PDF, and HTML versions include clickable links to the various offices as an aid to navigation.

A companion piece: "The Quick List" lists the 119 offices for which Lafayette Citizens vote.

This guide is periodically updated. The last update was made in June of 2013.

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