The Leadership Team is the governance model utilized by the LWV-Lafayette in lieu of the traditional board of directors/officers model. The Leadership Team members manage and supervise the business, affairs, and activities of the LWV-Lafayette. At least four members are elected by the membership with additional members appointed by the Leadership Team. The Leadership Team works through shared responsibility. A significant difference between the Leadership Team and traditional board of directors is evident in how the traditional duties of president are divided among the appointed spokesperson and team members. With the Leadership Team, a spokesperson is elected to represent/coordinate/communicate with the public on behalf of the league when needed. The responsibilities for planning and leading each of the 6 team meetings is divided among team members who each serve as facilitator for the respective meetings. The facilitator of the meeting solicits input for the agenda and directs the meeting. The league has standing and ad hoc committees that do the "work" of the league. Committee chairs do not have to serve on the Leadership Team, but many do at some point. Flexibility in matching members' skill sets with their interests and time availability has provided a workable balance. As needed, committee chairs keep the leadership team apprised via the spokesperson and facilitator. These communications ensure that continuity of business is maintained by the subsequent facilitators.

The Leadership Team has been an excellent way to continue to keep the league active and viable. Sharing of responsibility keeps any one person from being overwhelmed and experiencing burnout. This model has worked well for several years and no one has expressed a desire to return to the traditional governance model.

2016-17 Leadership Team
  • Kathleen Espinoza, Spokesperson
  • Germaine Breaux, Secretary
  • Sarah Doughty, Treasurer
  • Ann Burruss
  • Joe Katz
  • Joan Savoy
  • Ed Bowie
  • Ola Prejean, ex-officio
  • Cherry Fisher May, LWVLA board member
updated 12/6/2016